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Spontaneous Bilateral Renal Rupture in an End-stage Renal Disease Patient Treated with Hemodialysis
Sarah Chung, M.D. Dae Eun Choi, M.D. Ki-Ryang Na, M.D. Chong Koo Sul, M.D. Kang Wook Lee, M.D. and Young-Tai Shin, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(5):670-674.
Treatment of Pseudoaneurysm Caused by Insertion of Dual Lumen Catheter for Hemodialysis: A Case Report
Jae Jin Hwang, M.D. Wan Soo Kim, M.D. Dae Hong Jeon, M.D. Yeo Jin Kang, M.D. Dong Jun Park, M.D. Se-Ho Chang, M.D. Tae Bum Shin, M.D. and Hyun-Jung Kim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(5):667-669.
Effect of Anti-embolism Stocking on Intrasession Hemodynamic Variables in Hemodialysis Patients
Deok Young Kim, M.D., Seoung Woo Lee, M.D., Su Hyun Kwon, M.D., Joon Ho Song, M.D. and Moon-Jae Kim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(5):593-599.
Kaposi’s Sarcoma in a Patient on Hemodialysis
Seok hu Jeong, M.D. Kyong yong Oh, M.D. Dong Su Shin, M.D. Shung Han Choi, M.D. Eul Sik Jung, M.D. Jin Sun Park, M.D. Sun Young Na, M.D. Ji Yoon Sung, M.D. Ji Yong Jung, M.D. Sejoong Kim, M.D. Hyun Hee Lee, M.D. Woo Kyung Chung, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(4):525-528.
Arteriovenous Fistula Dysfunction due to Stent Fracture in the Cephalic Arch
Jin Sun Jang, M.D. Seong Ro Yoon, M.D. Hyun Gyung Kim, M.D. Hyo Jun Ahn, M.D. Young Soo Kim, M.D. Yoo Dong Won, M.D. and Young Ok Kim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(3):407-410.
A Case of Tumoral Calcinosis in a Hemodialysis Patient with Secondary Hyperparathyroidism
Woo Sun Rou, M.D. Hyo Keun Lee, M.D. Kum Hyun Han, M.D., Ph.D. Deok Weon Kim, M.D., Ph.D. Yong Hoon Kim, M.D., Ph.D. Mee Joo, M.D., Ph.D. and Sang Youb Han, M.D., Ph.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(3):398-402.
Anatomical Variation of Internal Jugular Vein in Korean Hemodialysis Patients
Hyun Gyung Kim, M.D. Hyung Wook Kim, M.D. Seong Ro Yoon, M.D.Byung Soo Kim, M.D. Ho Cheol Song, M.D. Young Soo Kim, M.D.Sun Ae Yoon, M.D. ,Yong Soo Kim, M.D. Yoo Dong Won, M.D. and Young Ok Kim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(3):335-341.
Comparison of Vascular Calcification Scores on Plain Radiographs as Predictors of Coronary Artery Disease in Hemodialysis Patients
Jung Min Kim, M.D., Won Suk An, M.D., Ki Hyun Kim, M.D., Seong Eun Kim, M.D., Young Ki Son, M.D., Seuk Hee Chung, M.D., You Jeong Oh, M.D., Woo Jai Kim, M.D., Dong Kyun Kim, M.D. and Hyang Suk Bae, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(2):232-240.
Acute Purulent Staphylococcal Pericarditis with Cardiac Tamponade in a Hemodialysis Patient
Ji Youn Kim, M.D. Seon Wook Park, M.D. Seung Hwa Lee, M.D. Yong Wook Kim, M.D. Min-Kyu Kim, M.D. Tae Jin Park, M.D. and Jang Won Seo, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(1):162-166.
Glyphosate Induced Severe Tubulointerstitial Nephritis Requiring Hemodialysis
Sun Hong Yoo, M.D., Byung Soo Kim, M.D., Hye Yun Lee, M.D. Ja Young Lee, M.D., Jae Ki Choi, M.D., Young Soo Kim, M.D. Sun Ae Yoon, M.D., Yeong Jin Choi, M.D. and Young Ok Kim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(1):158-161.
Effects of Keto Acids on Serum Albumin Level in Hemodialysis Patients with Hypoalbuminemia
Sook Eui Oh, M.D., Young-Ki Lee, M.D., Jin Kyung Kim, M.D., Dong Hun Lee, M.D. Soo-Jin Kim, M.D., Sung Gyun Kim, M.D., Ji Eun Oh, M.D., Jang Won Seo, M.D. Jong-Woo Yoon, M.D., Ja-Ryong Koo, M.D., Hyung Jik Kim, M.D. and Jung Woo Noh, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(1):82-88.
Comparison of Drug-Eluting Stent and Bare Metal Stent in Reducing Adverse Cardiac Event after Coronary Stenting in Hemodialysis Patients
Jang Han Lee, M.D. Hyun Woo Kim, M.D. Mi Hyen Yu, M.D. Jai Won Chang, M.D. Won Seok Yang, M.D. Soon Bae Kim, M.D. Su-Kil Park, M.D. Sang Koo Lee, M.D. and Jung Sik Park, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(1):73-81.
Tc-99m MDP-induced Acute Hepatitis in a Hemodialysis Patient
Byung Soo Jeon, M.D. Seun Duk Hwang, M.D. Sang Choel Lee, M.D. Soo Young Yoon, M.D. and Moonsun Pai, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2009;28(6):667-670.
Tuberculous Uveitis in a Hemodialysis Patient
Jung Won Cho, M.D. Seong Kwon Ma, M.D. Jae Kyoun Ahn, M.D. Sung Sun Kim, M.D. Chan Choi, M.D. and Eun Hui Bae, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2009;28(6):663-666.
Crohn’s Disease in a Patient Undergoing Hemodialysis Caused by IgA Nephropathy
Biro Kim, M.D., Jae Won Yang, M.D., Joung Wook Choi, M.D., Young Sub Kim, M.D., Jong Myeong Yu, M.D., Seung Ok Choi, M.D. and Byoung Geun Han, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2009;28(5):519-524.

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