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Low Dose Megestrol Acetate for Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients
Jung-Hwan Park, M.D. Eun Lee, M.S. Young-Il Jo, M.D. Jong-Oh Song, M.D. and Jong-Ho Lee, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2009;28(4):302-309.
A Case of Chylothorax Associated with Idiopathic Stenosis of Left Subclavian Vein in a Patient Undergoing Maintenance Hemodialysis
Yu Min Lee, M.D., Hyun Jung Kim, M.D., Jeong Min Cha, M.D., Duk Eun Jung, M.D., Jae Hun Lee, M.D., Ji Eun Lee, M.D., Ju Hung Song, M.D. and Seon Ho Ahn, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2009;28(2):157-160.
A Long-term Study On Changes of Serum Middle Molecules Concentration according to the Frequency of On-line Hemodiafiltration -A Comparison between 1/week and 3/week On-line Hemodiafiltration-
yung-Eun Lee, M.D. Tae-Young Kim, M.D. Woo-Jin Nam, M.D. Sun-Min Kim, M.D. Jung-Ho Shin, M.D. Jihyun Ahn, M.D. Su-Hyun Kim, M.D. Dong-Jin Oh, M.D. Suk-Hee Yu, M.D. and Eung-Tack Kang, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2009;28(2):127-134.
A Case of Small Bowel Bleeding Treated by Single Balloon Enteroscopy in a Patient on Maintenance Hemodialysis
Jeong-Yup Kim, M.D. Joon-Kwang Wang, M.D. Mi-Na Kim, M.D. Sun-Chul Kim, M.D. Hye-Won Kim, M.D. Young-Mo Lee, M.D. Young-Joo Kwon, M.D. Heui-Jung Pyo, M.D. Ja-In Park, M.D. Joo-Yeon Oh, M.D. Beom-Jae Lee, M.D. and Jong-Jae Park, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2008;27(6):747-752.
Metronidazole-Induced Toxic Encephalopathy in A Hemodialysis Patient: A Case Report
Ji-Hye Lee, M.D. Min-Ok Kim, M.D. So-Yeon Choi, M.D. Hyun-Ju Choi, M.D. Hyun-Jin Kim, M.D. Ki-Woon Kang, M.D. Jong-Ho Shin, M.D. and In-Kyu Yu, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2008;27(6):743-746.
A Case of Osteomyelitis of the Clavicle as a Complication of Subclavian Vein Catheterization in Hemodialysis Patient
Chul-yun Park, M.D., Kyung Ryun Bae, M.D., Seung-woon Jun, M.D., Jin-ho Kwak, M.D., In Hee Lee, M.D. and Ki Sung Ahn, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2008;27(5):594-599.
Association of Depression with Inflammation and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in End Stage Renal Disease Patients on Hemodialysis
Young-Youl Hyun, M.D., Sun-Chul Kim, M.D., Se-Won Oh, M.D., Jin-Joo Cha, M.D., Hye-Won Kim, M.D., Jae-Won Lee, M.D., Yoon-Seok Choi, M.D., Hye-Min Choi, M.D., Chang-Su Boo, M.D., Gang-Jee Ko, M.D., Sang-Kyung Jo, M.D., Won-Yong Cho, M.D. and Hyoung-Kyu Ki
Korean J Nephrol. 2008;27(4):452-457.
Bilateral Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy with Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss in a Long term Hemodialysis Patient
Jeong Kyung Park, M.D. Min Keun Song, M.D. Sun Hye Kim, M.D. Hye Young Kim, M.D. Su Jin Han, M.D. and Ea Wha Kang, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2008;27(3):397-401.
The Association of KLOTHO Gene Polymorphism with Serum Osteoprotegerin Levels in Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients
Yong Su Lee, M.D., Hyang Kim, M.D., Hyun Sock Kim, M.D. and Kyu-Beck Lee, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2008;27(3):341-347.
Time-averaged Concentration Hemoglobin and Erythropoietin Requirement According to Hemoglobin of Different Session of HD of the Week
Eun Hee Jang, M.D. Kang Woo Hun, M.D. and Choi So-yeon, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2008;27(3):319-326.
Hepatic Cyst Rupture in a Hemodialysis Patient with Polycystic Kidney Disease
Ji Eun Kim, M.D., Myung Hee Chang, M.D., Kyoung Hee Jung, M.D., Chang Hwa Lee, M.D., Chong Myung Kang, M.D. and Gheun-Ho Kim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2008;27(2):256-259.
Factors associated with Endothelial Dysfunction in Hemodialysis Patients
Jung Hwa Ryu, M.D. Mina Yu, M.D. , Dong Ryeol Ryu, M.D. Seung Jung Kim, M.D. Kyu Bok Choi, M.D. , Kyun Il Yoon, M.D.Duk Hee Kang, M.D. Wook Bum Pyun, M.D. and Gil Ja Shin, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2008;27(2):195-204.
A Case of Infectious Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Rupture Due to Staphylococcus aureus Infection in a Hemodialysis Patient
Dong-Gyu Moon, M.D., Sung-Min Park, M.D., Sul-kyung Moon, M.D., Byung-Joo shim, M.D. Seok-Joon Shin, M.D., Ho-Cheol Song, M.D. and Eui-Jin Choi, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2008;27(1):149-153.
Changes of Depressive Symptoms and Nutritional Indices after Antidepressant Treatment in the Patients with Chronic Hemodialysis and Depression
Yeon Soon Jung, M.D. Si-Sung Park, M.D. Eun-Jeong Min, M.A. Byung-Ho Han, M.D. Eun-A Eum, M.D. and Hark Rim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2008;27(1):94-101.
Application of Advance Directives for Patients with End Stage Renal Disease
Yang Hoon Nam, M.D. In Suk Seo, M.D. Ji Hwan Lim, M.D. , Jun Hyuk Choi, M.D. Jang Eon Kim, M.D. Jin Ho Choi, M.D. Ji Min Oh, M.D., Kyu Heum Kwon, M.D. Su-Jin Yoon, M.D. and Sung Min Yoon, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2008;27(1):85-93.

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