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Clinical influencing factors affecting pulmonary hypertension in hemodialysis patients
Xu Zhang, Kun Xiao, Longkai Li et al.
Received February 2, 2023   Accepted May 4, 2023   Published online December 5, 2023   
[Epub ahead of print]
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Risk factors for in-hospital mortality in patients starting hemodialysis
Eun Hui Bae, Ha Yeon Kim, Yong Un Kang, Chang Seong Kim, Seong Kwon Ma, Soo Wan Kim
Kidney Res Clin Pract. 2015;34(3):154-159.   Published online August 12, 2015
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Relationship between pulmonary hypertension, peripheral vascular calcification, and major cardiovascular events in dialysis patients
Sun Chul Kim, Hyo Jung Chang, Myung-Gyu Kim, Sang-Kyung Jo, Won-Yong Cho, Hyoung-Kyu Kim
Kidney Res Clin Pract. 2015;34(1):28-34.   Published online January 30, 2015
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Case Reports
Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome and coexisting hantavirus pulmonary syndrome
Young Min Hong, Jin Chang Moon, Hee Chan Yang et al.
Kidney Res Clin Pract. 2012;31(2):118-120.   Published online April 23, 2012
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A Case of Emphysematous Pyelonephritis Complicated with Septic Pulmonary Embolism
Jung Hee Koh, Jung Seop Eom, Jung Sub Kim, Sang Heon Song, Im Soo Kwak and Eun Young Seong
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(1):112-115.
Pulmonary Hypertension in End-Stage Renal Disease Patients with Maintenance Hemodialysis
Chang Su Chung, Young-Ki Lee, Jong Soo Choi, Seung Min Lee, Young Rim Song, Soo Jin Kim, Tae Jin Park, Jieun Oh, Jang Won Seo, Jong-Woo Yoon, Ja-Ryong Koo, Hyung Jik Kim, Jung-Woo Noh and Seonghoon Choi
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(1):48-52.
A Case of Septic Pulmonary Embolism in an End-Stage Renal Failure Patient with Infected Arterio-venous Graft for Hemodialysis
Oh-Kyung Kwon, M.D., Hong Jin Bae, M.D., Won IK Jang, M.D., Sarah Chung, M.D., Dae Eun Choi, M.D, Ki-Ryang Na, M.D., Kang Wook Lee, M.D. and Young-Tai Shin, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(6):829-833.
Characteristics of Pneumonia and Clinical Significance of Atelectasis in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5
Min Young Kim, M.D. Baek Na Na, M.D. Hye Ryoun Jang, M.D. Jung Eun Lee, M.D. Chin A Yi, M.D. Wooseong Huh, M.D. Yoon-Goo Kim, M.D. Ha Young Oh, M.D. and Dae Joong Kim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(5):570-577.
Peliosis Hepatis Cured with Anti-tuberculosis Medication in a Hemodialysis Patient
Eun Hui Bae, M.D. Soo Jin Na Choi, M.D. Jae-Hyuk Lee, M.D. and Soo Wan Kim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(1):167-170.
Successful Treatment of Hypercalcemia During Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy in Patient with Rhabdomyolysis Following Cardioversion and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Jee Min Park, M.D.., Gyu Rak Chon, M.D.., Jun Ho Wang, M.D.. Tae Ui Lee, M.D.. and Woo Sung Lee, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2009;28(5):508-513.
Dong Hwan Ryu, M.D. Seok Min Kim, M.D. Jong Won Park, M.D. Jun Young Do, M.D. Kyung Woo Yoon, M.D., Hee Soon Cho, M.D. and Yong Jin Kim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2008;27(2):238-242.
Hyponatremia with Non-Cardiogenic Pulmonary edema, Seizure and Rhabdomyolysis after Bowel Preparation
Myung Su Son, M.D., Heo Young Kim, M.D., Yong Hun Kim, M.D., Won Hee Kim, M.D. So Young Lee, M.D., Gi Youn Hong, M.D., Hoon Jeong, M.D., Yong Gu Lee, M.D. Dong Ho Yang, M.D. and HyungJong Kim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2008;27(2):224-228.
SIADH and Guillain-Barre Syndrome Associated with Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Mi Hyun Yu, M.D., Jai Won Chang, M.D., Won Seok Yang, M.D., Soon Bae Kim, M.D. Sang Koo Lee, M.D., Su Kil Park, M.D. and Jung Sik Park, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2008;27(1):117-121.

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