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Special Articles
Kidney Health Plan 2033 in Korea: bridging the gap between the present and the future
Do Hyoung Kim, Young Youl Hyun, Jin Joo Cha et al.
Kidney Res Clin Pract. 2024;43(1):8-19.   Published online January 31, 2024
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Serum cystatin C to creatinine ratio is associated with sarcopenia in non-dialysis-dependent chronic kidney disease
Jung Nam An, Jwa-Kyung Kim, Hyung-Seok Lee, Sung Gyun Kim, Hyung Jik Kim, Young Rim Song
Kidney Res Clin Pract. 2022;41(5):580-590.   Published online June 24, 2022
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Review Articles
When and why to start continuous renal replacement therapy in critically ill patients with acute kidney injury
Jung Nam An, Sung Gyun Kim, Young Rim Song
Kidney Res Clin Pract. 2021;40(4):566-577.   Published online November 1, 2021
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Original Articles
Hyperuricemia is a risk factor for the progression to end-stage renal disease in minimal change disease
Su Hyun Song, Tae Ryom Oh, Hong Sang Choi et al.
Kidney Res Clin Pract. 2021;40(3):411-418.   Published online September 9, 2021
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Neutrophil extracellular traps and heparin-induced antibodies contribute to vascular access thrombosis in hemodialysis patients
Hoi Woul Lee, Jung Nam An, Hyung Seok Lee et al.
Kidney Res Clin Pract. 2021;40(4):712-723.   Published online August 6, 2021
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Original Articles
Outcomes of vascular access in hemodialysis patients: Analysis based on the Korean National Health Insurance Database from 2008 to 2016
Hyung Seok Lee, Young Rim Song, Jwa Kyung Kim et al.
Kidney Res Clin Pract. 2019;38(3):391-398.   Published online September 30, 2019
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Original Articles
Physician perceptions of blood pressure control in patients with chronic kidney disease and target blood pressure achievement rate
Ran-hui Cha, Hajeong Lee, Jung Pyo Lee, Young Rim Song, Sung Gyun Kim, Yon Su Kim
Kidney Res Clin Pract. 2017;36(4):349-357.   Published online December 31, 2017
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Case Reports
Blue toe syndrome treated with sympathectomy in a patient with acute renal failure caused by cholesterol embolization
Min-Gang Kim, Soo Jin Kim, Jieun Oh, Sung Gyun Kim, Eun Suck Nam, Sang Soo Kang
Kidney Res Clin Pract. 2013;32(4):186-189.   Published online October 10, 2013
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Original Articles
Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea in dialysis patients
Sook Eui Oh, Seung Min Lee, Young-Ki Lee et al.
Kidney Res Clin Pract. 2013;32(1):27-31.   Published online December 31, 2012
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