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Volume 29(3); May 2010
Clinical Significance of Anatomical Variation of the Internal Jugular Vein in Hemodialysis Patients
Hye-Young Kim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(3):319-321.
Effect of Efonidipine on Proteinuria in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Receiving RAS Blockade
Jung-Kook Wi, M.D. Kyung-Whan Jeong, M.D. Tae-Won Lee, M.D. Sang-Ho Lee, M.D. Ju-Young Moon, M.D. Dae Ryong Cha, M.D. Sung-Kyu Ha, M.D. Soon Bae Kim, M.D. Ihm Soo Kwak, M.D. and Chun-Gyoo Ihm, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(3):322-328.
Increased Prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease in Subjects Undergoing Coronary Angiography
Ha Na Yang, M.D., Hye-Won Kim, M.D., Myung-Gyu Kim, M.D., Sang-Kyung Jo, M.D., Won Yong Cho, M.D. and Hyoung-Kyu Kim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(3):329-334.
Anatomical Variation of Internal Jugular Vein in Korean Hemodialysis Patients
Hyun Gyung Kim, M.D. Hyung Wook Kim, M.D. Seong Ro Yoon, M.D.Byung Soo Kim, M.D. Ho Cheol Song, M.D. Young Soo Kim, M.D.Sun Ae Yoon, M.D. ,Yong Soo Kim, M.D. Yoo Dong Won, M.D. and Young Ok Kim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(3):335-341.
Depression, Inflammation, and Oxidative Stress in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients: Is There a Relationship?
Ho Sik Shin, M.D. Si-Sung Park, M.D. Ji Yong Park, M.D. Eun Young Lee, M.D. Nam Young Park, M.D. Yeon Soon Jung, M.D. and Hark Rim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(3):342-349.
Hospitalization in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients
Seong Sik Kang, M.D., Eun Ah Hwang, M.D., Mi Hyun Jang, M.D., Go Choi, M.D., Sang Mok Yeo, M.D., Seung Yeup Han, M.D., Sung Bae Park, M.D. and Hyun Chul Kim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(3):350-356.
Risk Factors of Catheter Loss Following Peritonitis in Patients on Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis
Mihyun Jang, M.D. Eunah Hwang, M.D. Jungeun Kim, M.D. Go Choi, M.D. Seungyeup Han, M.D. Sungbae Park, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(3):357-365.
A Case of Primary Aldosteronism due to Remnant Adenoma after Adrenalectomy in Pregnant Woman
Sun Wook Park, M.D. Haeng Il Koh, M.D. Ji Hyun Noh, M.D. Mun Cheol Kim, M.D. Hye Kyung Lee, M.D. Sang Hyun Park, M.D. and Hyun Hee Na, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(3):366-370.
Spontaneous Remission of Nephrotic Syndrome in IgA Nephropathy
Jeong Ho Kim, M.D. Hana Kim, M.D. Seok Min Hong, M.D. Jeong Hae Kie, M.D. Ea Wha Kang, M.D. Suk Kyun Shin, M.D. and Seung Hyeok Han, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(3):371-375.
Idiopathic Retroperitoneal Fibrosis Associated with a Horseshoe Kidney
Pyung Kyun Park, M.D. Sung Bong Pyo, M.D. An Doc Jung, M.D. Ji Min Jeong, M.D. Dae Hun Lim, M.D. Joon-Suk Choi, M.D. Hyung Chul Lee, M.D. Kyung Jin Oh, M.D. Jin Woong Kim, M.D. and Nam-Ho Kim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(3):376-380.
A Case of Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome with Stress-induced Cardiomyopathy
Kim Seong Hun, M.D., Kim You Min, M.D., Lee Hae Young, M.D., Lee Jin Sung, M.D., Park Joon Mo, M.D., Kim Hyun Tae, M.D. and Lee Hyun Wook, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(3):381-385.
A Case of ANCA-positive RPGN after Propylthiouracil Treatment
Gyung Won Jung, M.D., Seong Cho, M.D., Sung Rok Kim, M.D., Oh Wen Kwon, M.D., Jae Gon Woo, M.D. and Ji Eun Yi, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(3):386-391.
A Case of Digital Gangrene Complicated by Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome in a Patient with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Hea Yon Lee, M.D., Jin-Sun Jang, M.D., Hyung Wook Kim, M.D., Young Soo Kim, M.D., Young Ok Kim, M.D. and Sun Ae Yoon, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(3):392-397.
A Case of Tumoral Calcinosis in a Hemodialysis Patient with Secondary Hyperparathyroidism
Woo Sun Rou, M.D. Hyo Keun Lee, M.D. Kum Hyun Han, M.D., Ph.D. Deok Weon Kim, M.D., Ph.D. Yong Hoon Kim, M.D., Ph.D. Mee Joo, M.D., Ph.D. and Sang Youb Han, M.D., Ph.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(3):398-402.
A Case of Non-Surgical Treatment in Hemodialysis Patient with Spontaneous Splenic Rupture
Suk-Hee Yoo, M.D. Jae Geun Park, M.D. Sung Moo Kim, M.D. Jeong Eun Kim, M.D. Soon Kil Kwon, M.D. Jang-Whan Bae, M.D. Hye-young Kim, M.D. and Jin Uk Jeong, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(3):403-406.
Arteriovenous Fistula Dysfunction due to Stent Fracture in the Cephalic Arch
Jin Sun Jang, M.D. Seong Ro Yoon, M.D. Hyun Gyung Kim, M.D. Hyo Jun Ahn, M.D. Young Soo Kim, M.D. Yoo Dong Won, M.D. and Young Ok Kim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(3):407-410.
Aspergillus flavus Peritonitis Detected by Fungal Balls in the Blood Culture Bottles: A Case Report
Jong Woo Seo, M.D. Hyun Seop Cho, M.D. Hyeon Jeong Lee, M.D. Sunjoo Kim, M.D. Dong Jun Park, M.D. Se-Ho Chang, M.D. and Hyun-Jung Kim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(3):411-414.
Cyclosporine Induced Breast Fibroadenoma in Kidney Transplanted Patient
Kwang Jin Woo, M.D. Seong Ah Hong, M.D. Ji Hyung Kim, M.D. Moo Yong Park, M.D. Soo Jeong Choi, M.D. Jin Kuk Kim, M.D. Seung Duk Hwang, M.D. Eun Hae Lee, M.D. and Hee kyung Kim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(3):415-418.
Nephrocalcinosis and Hypercalciuria in Children
Ji Hong Kim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2010;29(3):419-422.

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