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Volume 30(5); Sep 2011
What is the Optimal Period of Observation after Percutaneous Renal Biopsy?
Sungjin Chung, M.D. and Seok Joon Shin, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(5):439-442.
The Role of Adipose Tissue-Derived Stem Cells in Ischemic Acute Renal Injury in Rats
Woo Jung Sung, M.D. Yong-Jin Kim, M.D. Yong Hoon Park, M.D. and Keuk-Jun Kim, Ph.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(5):443-451.
Effects of Lipoxygenase Inhibitor on Diabetic Nephropathy in Rats: Decreasing Proteinuria and Preserving Renal Function
Hyun Chul Chung, M.D., Il Young Kim, M.D., Seo Rin Kim, M.D., Jungmin Son, M.D., Dong Won Lee, M.D., Sang Heon Song, M.D., Eun Young Seong, M.D., Ihm Soo Kwak, M.D. and Soo Bong Lee, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(5):452-458.
Direct Vascular Actions of Indapamide in Aorta from Renal Hypertensive Rats
Seok Choi, Ph.D. Hee Wook Whi, M.D. Mi Jung Lee, M.D. Jae Yeoul Jun, M.D. Hyun Lee Kim, M.D. Jong Hoon Chung, M.D. Hye Rang Shin, M.D. Hyun Jung Oh, M.D. and Cheol Ho Yeum, Ph.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(5):459-467.
Clinical Features of Hyponatremia: Changes Related to Increasing Use of Thiazide-Combination Diuretics
In Hye Cha, M.D., Eun Jung Cho, M.D., Ki Chul Yoon, M.D., Hye Jin Noh, M.D., Hye Min Choi, M.D., Jae-Won Lee, M.D., Sang-Kyung Jo, M.D., Hyoung Kyu Kim, M.D. and Won Yong Cho, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(5):468-474.
How Long Should We Monitor the Patient for Bleeding after Percutaneous Renal Biopsy?
Jae-yoon Park, M.D., Sung-Woo Lee, M.D., Hajeong Lee, M.D., Hayne Park, M.D., Ho Seok Koo, M.D., Hyang Lim Lee, M.D., Hui Kyoung Sun, M.D., Dong Ki Kim, M.D., Yon Su Kim, M.D., Curie Ahn, M.D., Jin Suk Han, M.D., Suhnggwon Kim, M.D. and Kwon Wook Joo, M.D
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(5):475-483.
Clinical Significance of Acute Kidney Injury in Patients with Colistin Treatment
Woo-Jin Nam, M.D., Jung-Ho Shin, M.D., Min-Jee Han, M.D., Youn-Su Park, M.D., Su-Hyun Kim, M.D., Dong-Jin Oh, M.D. and Suk-Hee Yu, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(5):484-491.
Histopathological Findings of Asymptomatic Urinary Abnormalities of Children: A 20-Year Single Center Experience
Roung Koung Lim, M.D., Chong Kun Cheon, M.D. and Su Young Kim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(5):492-497.
Prevalence of Primary Glomerulonephritis - A Single Center Analysis
Ki Hyun Kim, M.D. Young Ki Son, M.D. Su Mi Lee, M.D. Won Suk An, M.D. Seong Eun Kim, M.D. and Seo Hee Rha, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(5):498-505.
The Usefulness of Urinary Angiotensinogen as a Biomarker of Renal Progression in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease
Hayne Cho Park, M.D. Jin Ho Hwang, M.D. Seon ha Baek, M.D. Mi Yeun Han, M.D. Yu Kyoung Yun, B.S. Myeong-Ok Yoon, B.S. Kook-Hwan Oh, M.D. Ja Ryong Koo, M.D. Hyung Jik Kim, M.D. Jung Woo Noh, M.D. Kyu Beck Lee, M.D. Woo Kyung Chung,
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(5):506-515.
Sustained Low-Efficiency Dialysis as an Alternative Therapy to Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy in Critically Ill Patients with Acute Kidney Injury
Yong-Bong Shin, M.D., Jang-Hee Cho, M.D., Ja-Yong Park, M.D., Ji-Young Choi, M.D., Sun-Hee Park, M.D., Chan-Duck Kim, M.D. and Yong-Lim Kim, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(5):516-522.
Renal Infarction Concurrent with Multiple Venous Thrombosis in Association with Inherited Antithrombin Deficiency
Sun Hye Ko, M.D., Hong Seok Lee, M.D., Ji Hye Jang, M.D., Ji Hyun Kim, M.D., Hye Eun Yoon, M.D., Hyun Hwa Chung, M.D. and Seok Joon Shin, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(5):523-527.
Renal and Splenic Infarction Associated with Hyperthyroidism
Seo Rin Kim, M.D. Choi Bo Kyung, M.D. Il Young Kim, M.D. Jung Min Son, M.D. Eun Youg Seong, M.D. Sang Heon Song, M.D. Dong Won Lee, M.D. Soo Bong Lee, M.D. and Ihm Soo Kwak, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(5):528-532.
Slowly Progressing Thrombotic Microangiopathy during Two Years of Treatment with Sunitinib
Min Young Kim, M.D. Heejung Choi, M.D. Yoonjung Kim, M.D. Na Ree Kang, M.D. Hye Ryoun Jang, M.D. Ghee Young Kwon, M.D. Wooseong Huh, M.D. Young Suk Park, M.D. Yoon-Goo Kim, M.D. Dae Joong Kim, M.D. Ha Young Oh, M.D. and Jung Eun Lee,
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(5):533-536.
Cefepime-Induced Nonconvulsive Status Epileticus Presenting as Coma in a Patient with ESRD on Hemodialysis
Cho-I Lee, M.D. Mi-Jin Hong, M.D. Sung-Chul Hong, M.D. Jung-Hee Park, M.D. Eugene Park, M.D. Jang-Soo Han, M.D. Young-Jin Kim, M.D. Jong-Ho Lee, M.D. Jung-Hwan Park, M.D. Jong-Oh Song, M.D. and Young-Il Jo, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(5):537-541.
Isolated Pancreatic Tuberculosis in a Patient with End-Stage Renal Disease
Jin-Gun Kim, M.D. Jay-Wook Lee, M.D. Hye-Ryoun Kim, M.D. Su-Hyun Kim, M.D. and Dong-Jin Oh, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(5):542-545.
Pneumatosis Intestinalis with Hepatic Portal Venous Gas in a Hemodialysis Patient
Hae Min Lee, M.D. Sung Yeon Cho Yeon Soo Lim, M.D. Yong Kyun Kim, M.D. Ho Cheol Song, M.D. and Euy Jin Choi, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(5):546-550.
Infective Endocarditis with Cerebral Infarction in a Hemodialysis Patient with Failed Renal Allograft
Hee Jae Jung, M.D. Byung Chul You, M.D. Yu Sik Myung, M.D. Eun Jung Kim, M.D. Moo Yong Park, M.D. Soo Jeong Choi, M.D. Jin Kuk Kim, M.D. Seung Duk Hwang, M.D. Eun Suk Koh, M.D. and Keun Her, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(5):551-556.
Hepatic Subcapsular Steatosis in a Diabetic CAPD Patient Receiving Subcutaneous Insulin
Seung Yup Lee, M.D. Hyun Kyung Kim, M.D. Seung Mo Kang, M.D. Jong Kwan Jung, M.D. Eun Ju Song, M.D. and So Young Lee, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(5):557-560.
A Case of Trichosporon inkin Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis Peritonitis Identified by 18S rRNA Sequencing
Hee Seung Lee, M.D. Jae Hyun Choi, M.D. Sun Moon Kim, M.D. Young Kwang Shim, M.D. Mun Hyuk Seong, M.D. Hye-young Kim, M.D. Kyeong Seob Shin, M.D. and Soon Kil Kwon, M.D.
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(5):561-564.
A Case of Carbol Fuchsin Poisoning Successfully Treated with Hemoperfusion and Continuous Venovenous Hemodiafiltration
Eun Jung Hwang, M.D., Wi-Jung Kook, M.D., Sul-Ra Lee, M.D., Ju-Young Moon, M.D., Kyung-Whan Jeong, M.D., Sang-Ho L
Korean J Nephrol. 2011;30(5):565-569.

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